October 18, 2011


Hi again! The picked suggestion for today was made by DWei who has a personal blog, called Thoughts of a University Students, about his life and experiences (and the stress of being an university student). You should check it out, I'm sure many of us identify ourselves with his writings.
DWei said: Draw yourself eating a taco. Or if you read Homestuck, draw a Homestuck character eating a taco.

I didn't want to draw myself, so... here is a character of Homestuck.

I'm not a reader of Homestuck, I've tried to get into it before, but I don't like it much and that's why I asked a friend for advice. He suggested me to draw Karkat, and here it is.

I actually like it, and I was a bit tempted to draw him with a big moustache... but I think is ok like this.

So, yeah. See ya next time, and keep the suggestions coming!


Hola otra vez! La sugerencia escogida hoy fue hecha por DWei, quien tiene un blog personal llamado Thoughts of a University Student acerca de su vida y experiencias (y lo estresante que es ser un estudiante universitario). Deberían chequearlo, sé que muchos nos sentimos identificados con sus escritos.

DWei dijo: Dibújate a ti misma comiendo un taco. O, si lees Homestuck, dibuja un personaje de Homestuck comiendo un taco.

No quise dibujarme, así que... aquí está un personaje de Homestuck.

No leo Homestuck, he intentado seguirlo, pero no me gustó mucho y por eso le pedí a un amigo que me aconsejara. Me sugirió que dibujara a Karkat, y aquí está.

De hecho, me gusta, y estuve un poco tentada a dibujarlo con un gran bigote... pero creo que está bien así.

Así que, éso. ¡Nos vemos en la próxima, y sigan sugiriendo!


  1. I don't know what homestuck is, but it doesn't look like he is enjoying that taco.

  2. @Hasidic Plumber. I'm not familiar with Homestuck either, but look at it this way: He's pissed, but not pissed enough to not eat a taco. It's never a bad time for a taco.

    Me gustan los colores, los ojos del personaje, los tacos... hay tantas cosas de este dibujo que me gustan. La ilustración original del personaje es sucks, igual que el "cómic", pero el dibujo es genial y el taco te quedó igual a los que me gustan. ¡Buen trabajo, polola! (:

  3. hola, podrías dibujarme un loki laufeyson montando un velocirraptor, amo tus dibujos en más de una ocasión te lo he dicho, saludos 8)

  4. No idea what Homestuck is. at least not until now. It makes me want a taco. I don't think a mustache would've been a bad idea, but the final product is still awesome.

  5. Ahora dibuja un taco, con bigote y sombrero mexicano, comiendote a ti. :3

  6. Need... for... tacos.... INCREASING!

  7. Ja, yo tampoco me he podido hacer fan de homestuck xD

    Aunque debo reconocer que la idea en sí es original.

  8. YES. TACO.

    Thanks again for it.

  9. Hi, I'm new to your blog! It's so fun! I love your drawings.

    How about next you incorporate these random thingamajigs in your next drawing: a tree, a unicorn, and a rocket ship.

  10. Never heard of homestuck, but your drawing is great.


  11. wow dude you are talented as hell

  12. I also never heard of Homestuck, but that's rather cool drawing. LOL at the pokeball in the banner.

  13. I wanted to request something about tacos too but Dwei got to it first. Can you draw a cactuar wearing a sombrero while playing his guitarra. If you could insert a burrito somewhere in the picture, it would be quite nice too.

  14. Never heard of Homestruck but I like his horns. :)

  15. man now i really want some tacobell :D



    (seen the new flash yet? Jadesprite <3 And the epic soundtracks, HNGGG)

  17. Damn, now I want a taco. Great pic.