October 17, 2011

Sk8board zombie!

So, the chosen suggestion was the one made by D4, who has an awesome blog called D4 And Music about... music, haha. You should visit him if you want to expand your library. So here it goes:

D4 said:  My suggestion: A zombie on a skateboard with maybe a dragging limb. Doesn't have to be too gore-y though.

Yeah bro!

So, yeah...
Why? Because it's a zombie. You can't lose with zombies, can you? Also, I'm excited because tomorrow is the release of the second season of The Walking Dead over here! Hell Yeah! I love that show.

I wanted to make it more 90's but it ended up looking kind of hipster, haha. I think it needs more contrast, but whatever.  Also... are there skateboarding zombies? I wouldn't be surprised if there was a movie about them, heh.

Keep the suggestions comming! See ya!


Así que, la sugerencia que escogí fue hecha por D4, quien tiene un gran blog llamado D4 And Music sobre... música, haha. Deberían visitarlo si quieren expandir su librería musical. Así que, aquí va:

D4 dijo: Mi sugerencia:  Un zombie en una patineta con una extremidad colgando, quizás. No es necesario que sea muy sangriento. 

Bueno... ¿Por qué? Porque es un zombie. No puedes perder con zombies, ¿o sí? Además que estoy emocionada porque mañana se estrena la segunda temporada de The Walking Dead! Hell Yeah! Me encanta esa serie.

Quería hacerlo más noventero, pero terminó viéndose un poco hipster, haha. Creo que necesita más contraste, pero, como sea. Además... ¿hay zombies skaters? No me sorprendería si ya hay alguna película sobre eso, heh.

Sigan dando sugerencias! See ya!


  1. Radical zombie is as rad as it gets.
    Algún día reflexionarás y dirás: "Oh, Pedro tenía razón, mis dibujos sí son bacanes y tienen un sello personal."... Algún día.

  2. Si existe una pelicula que se llama "Motocross Zombies from Hell" no veo porque no podria haber una pelicula de Zombies skaters jajaja
    Quedo mezcla de noventoso y hipster. Capaz jeans y camisa escocesa hubiera quedado mas grunge y noventoso. Igual quedo muy bueno.

  3. Yep! You can never lose with them. If the zombie got turned into a zombie with radiation, it is double the radical-ness. I'll be checking that show.

  4. O_O.. It's almost like I suggested this!

    Ohwait... No it looks badass, it's got more of a 90's feel than a hipster one, so nice going! Lo voy a salvar, jaja.

    Me encanta la idea de un blog bilingue. En serio.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  5. He still has all his limbs (my only critique).

    I'm sticking with my taco suggestion though.

  6. Bizarro. (:

    Also, fu**ing hipsters!!

  7. Nothing hipster about a radical skateboarding zombie.

  8. I love this blog post! So easy to read and an interesting one at that. I look forward to your upcoming posts! Keep up the good work! Followed

  9. @D4: Hahah I'm happy someone liked the spanish traslation.

    I was starting to think it was a waste of space. lol

  10. what about a brawl between famous felines? tony the tiger, chester cheetos, chetara, tigger and hobbes for example, theres a few famous lions and panters as well tho

  11. Nice drawing! I thought it was an alien at first because it's green but upon closer inspection it is in fact a zombie with brains coming out of his hat.

  12. That is one badass zombie. I bet he skips school and just doesn't care.

  13. L4D zombies are marathoners, nothing strange if there is any sk8

  14. Awesome! How about two donkeys on a rainbow discussing the rock and roll music?

  15. Muchas gracias for cursing at my blog. I like your zombie hipster. I am going to be your newest follower and I hope you will follow me.

    Te amo,