October 02, 2011


Pew pew

So, I was looking at the artwork of Metroid for the NES/Famicom the other day, and I couldn't help but draw some chibi Samus. The japanese manual is awesome, as well!
In my mind, it had much better colors, and a better harmony, but it didn't come out as expected. Color palettes are like rocket science for me. Hahah.

Speaking of minisamus, I remembered this fangame called Minitroid, which is really awesome. It takes the old school Metroid games we all know but with a chibi Samus instead. Awesome? Awesome.
The demo is free, so you should definitely give it a try (the download link is in the video)

Sorry for the late update... but I couldn't find the pencil of my tablet (It's true!).


Estaba viendo el artwork del Metroid de NES/Famicom el otro día y no pude evitar dibujar una chibi Samus. Tenía en mente mejores colores y una mejor armonía, pero no puedo hacerlo. Las paletas de colores son como ciencia espacial para mi. Hahah.

Hablando de minisamus, recordé un fangame llamado Minitroid que es bastante awesome. Tomando la esencia clásica del Metroid old school que todos conocemos pero con una chibi Samus. Awesome? Awesome.
El demo es gratis, asi que definitivamente deberían probarlo (el link de descarga está en el video).

Lamento el update atrasado... pero no podía encontrar el lápiz de mi tableta (¡Es verdad!).



On another note, is anyone else having difficulties reading the text on the blog? Maybe the font is hard to read, or the color is not appropriate.


  1. This is frickin' awesome. :) I think it's quite cool as it is. It didn't even need my photoshop mumbo jumbo to be this good.

    And, OMFG Minitroid! I fukin' love that game. Just look at how she runs, she's really into it.

    Keep it coming, girl. n3n: Love ya'.

  2. No me gusta Metroid, disparadme ;w;

    Me desesperaba, juego maldito! Nunca sabía a donde ir. Claro que lo jugué en el nes original, como a los 12 años. A lo mejor ahora si me bajo una rom de los de advance me gusta y todo.

  3. I love Metroid, I love NES, I love SNES, and I still play it! Oh the time when I first found out Samus was a girl.. Great job on the chibi Samus by the way! Colour palettes are learnable, you'll get better the more you try to combine, experiment :).

  4. That's awesome. I actually beat Other M on Wii this week. It's a good game, not nearly as good as the others, but it's definitely worth a play.

    Good job, following!

  5. La verdad, nunca fui amante del Metroid. No creo nisiquiera haberlo jugado mas de 3 o 4 veces como MAXIMO jajaja pero el dibujo esta bueno.

  6. This is adorable.

    (Now do Zero Suit Samus)

  7. I only played the GBA version of Metroid so I'm not quite the fan, but I must say that this is really cute. There's usually only two type of Samus fanwork, badass with the armor and sexy without the armor. I never thought I'd find something cute.